Prayer Diary

  1. Consider the information given above. Pray that our freedoms in and for the Gospel will not be threatened. Pray for opportunities for young Church leaders to develop in skills and experience.
  2. For your fellow Ministers pray for wisdom in guiding their people and diligence in training in spiritual understanding, in evangelism and in administration, as well as for health and courage, resources and dedicated officers, and family wellbeing.
  3. For IMCGB, pray for resources to engage staff of the right caliber to take office practices into the future, for the expansion of our work overseas on solid foundations, for a building to house our office and the resources to maintain it. For your Bishops, pray for wisdom in decision making and all aspects of leadership, with discernment of the will of God to guide the Council aright.
  4. Pray for our IMCGB College of Theology as we go online to give opportunity to would-be students worldwide. This is the strong motivation that drove the creation of this website.
  5. Pray that the website will be well managed and prove very useful to our Ministers.

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