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As our new website opens up opportunities for good communications and working together, Bishop Collin Maloney, Director of Studies at the IMCGB College of Theology, highlights opportunities for Ministers of the Gospel.

I recently heard Dr John McArthur say that “the twenty-first-century church is the most Biblically illiterate church since the Reformation.”  As harsh as that statement may sound, there appears to be quite a bit of truth in it. The IMCGB College of Theology exists for the purpose of equipping and preparing ministers of the Gospel to have a better grasp of the Bible as well as familiarising them with some of the technical aspects of Biblical Theology. 

Today’s Christian leader can ill afford to wallow in ignorance. We live in an age where information is readily available literally at our fingertips. Today’s preachers and teachers in our churches must ensure that they are fully equipped to “rightly divide” the Word of God, as well as to be able to answer the myriad of questions that trouble many of our young people who are leaving the church in droves as they move on to institutes of higher learning, and are bombarded with secular humanism and other philosophies that are in direct opposition to a Biblical world view. Our students are challenged to cultivate the habit of reading and researching and will be pointed in the direction of engaging their minds with reputable Christian authors who will help to expand their thinking in that field of study that was the mother of all sciences.

Bishop Collin Maloney

It is my hope that many of our students will go on to pursue graduate studies in the field of Biblical Theology and will become lifelong students of the Bible. It has been said, “If you have all Word, you will dry up, if you have all Spirit, you might blow up, but if you have a balance of the Spirit and the Word, you will grow up.” There must be a balance, and this is one of our objectives at the college.

Besides being exposed to subjects like Bibliology, Biblical Hermeneutics, Soteriology, Anthropology, and Biblical Eschatology, to name a few, students will be taught the importance of character development and the identification and utilisation of their spiritual gifts.

The Book of Acts chapter 18 makes mention of Apollos and describes him as “an eloquent man and mighty in the scriptures” (v24). However, there was still some refining to be done in order to enhance his effectiveness.  The Lord, therefore, led him to Aquila and Priscilla who took him aside and “expounded to him the way of God more perfectly”.

Many of you may have been preaching and teaching for years; The IMCGB college of Theology might just be the place that The Lord is leading you to, in order to fine-tune you for the tasks that lie ahead. Join us as we grow in the knowledge of God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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The Late Rt. Rev. Onyekwelu Obika

The Late Presiding Bishop The late Bishop Onyekwelu Obika was the Secretary General of IMCGB. He held this post since 2000. He represented IMCGB at the Senior Leaders' Meeting of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. He led IMCGB worldwide and served on the board of directors and Licensing Committee of IMCGB. He had built a Church, a Branch of Bible Study Network Christian Centre, at Enugu, Nigeria and opened it in November 2021. He was successfully nurturing the congregation when he became ill. He died on 22 March 2022. He has run his race with patience and now receives the crown of life from our gracious Saviour and Lord, Jesus, the Christ.

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